All About The Juice Game

The Juice Game is the brainchild of Yasmine Creese-Brown. This fun roll-and-move tabletop board game (Get the game here) is a great way to explore and enhance your math skills.

How to play The Juice Game?

The purpose of the Juice Game is to take over the lemonade-stand industry across the city. A player to achieve this feat is the one who can answer the most math questions correctly. So all you need to ace this game is a little bit of luck and a whole lot of math skills. The more questions you answer correctly, the higher your chances of winning the game. Juice Game acts as a motivating factor for kids to perfect their core-math concepts and skills.

The game is beginner-friendly, and young players who are still polishing their addition and subtraction skills can buy an interchangeable beginner's deck that is sold separately to enjoy it. The Juice Game features a unique board game design, 4 pawns, 30 action cards, 30 maths questions, 20 trading tokens, some game money, and instructions.

About the founder: Yasmine Creese-Brown

Yasmine Creese-Brown went to middle and high school in Fresno, California. She graduated in the top 10% in her class which was a testimony to her intelligence at a young age. For her career path, Yasmine decided to pursue accounting and attended American University in the Washington D.C area. She graduated with a B.S in accounting initially but later joined a pre-professional development program to explore opportunities in Wall Street and Main Street.

While her career as an accountant was very lucrative, Yasmine soon realized that there weren’t many positions for women of color in the banking industry. Disappointed yet determined to make her mark, she joined a non-profit organization where she mentored hundreds of students to strengthen their interview skills and help them land their dream jobs.

Why Yasmine created the Juice Game?

Learning math can be boring and confusing for some children, and if there's anything we have learned from this pandemic, it's that there are a million ways to grow academically even without regular school. This math-filled game is Yasmine's attempt to present a fun way of learning math with family and friends.

Even though Yasmine changed her career path, that didn’t lessen her love for math. She always considered math challenges to be fun, and with Juice Game, she found a way to incorporate that feeling into a board game that families can enjoy together with their kids.

Combining the concepts of math problem-solving with the tricks of running a business (lemon-stand), the Juice Game is perfect for game nights with the family.

Final word

Juice Game is the perfect combination of math skills and an interactive board game that helps accelerate children’s growth while having fun. This game will also inspire children to take the lemon-stand concept even further and apply it to their practical lives. It will motivate them to think outside the box and in terms of an entrepreneur.

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