The Society Collection

Updated: Mar 17

The Society Collection is a beautiful representation of our various hues. What makes it special is the element of inclusivity that most people of color struggle with. Representation leads to recognition and, ultimately, acceptance.

With this aim in mind, the Society Collection has been designed to depict how different skin tones seamlessly blend into each other. The difference in hues are not always meant to stand out but complement each other to create an exotic fusion of colors.

When we represent a single shade over and over again, it becomes "normal" and is considered "natural." This automatically displaced women with different skin tones and made them appear "unusual" or "abnormal."

The Society Collection celebrates people with all skin tones and believes in representing them equally and fairly because every hue is normal, natural, and beautiful.

The GRL Empire publishes and designs inclusive planners, journals, prints, comics, and more. They want to inspire and transform their customers through inclusive collectable items with a meaningful story behind them. With the Society Collection, It GRL Empire wants to create an environment that accepts and celebrates all people of color.

This collection has seven different images that are printed on journals, frames, mugs, and T-shirts. Have a look at what each picture represent.

· First, Self-care– it is easy to neglect our needs and feelings in the hustle-bustle of life. Therefore, this picture is a gentle reminder to put yourself and your self-care first. A healthy mind and body lead to a happy life!

· All of us– unity makes us stronger, and this picture is a lovely depiction of inclusiveness and harmony. You can see different hues come together in 'All of us' and present a heart-warming and surreal picture.

· All love– differences in gender, color, and ethnicity aren’t meant to divide us. In fact, they are elements that add vitality and fun to an otherwise boring life. This picture represents how love transcends every limitation.

· Family ties– a family is a place where you feel safe. It is a haven where you are accepted for who you are unconditionally and unequivocally. ‘Family ties’ signifies the bond and love between a close-knit family.

· Still beautiful– this design addresses two issues simultaneously. One is inclusivity, and the other is accepting one's skin just the way it is. The filtered pictures you see on social media aren't real; they are not an accurate image of real skin. This Society Collection picture serves as a reminder that you look your best in natural skin without makeup and filters.

· Three GRLs– having a boyfriend is great, but nothing beats the company of your BFFs. This picture shows the bond between friends irrespective of the difference in color, ethnicity, and religion. We live in a time when people are becoming increasingly conscious about not having to conform to a certain image, and people are moving towards inclusivity. This picture portrays how far we have come to acknowledge and accept various hues.

The Society Collection is inspired by the various hues and can be a perfect addition to your private collection.

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